MI Farmers Market Dog Policy

77th lunchtimeThe Mercer Island Farmers Market follows the City of Mercer Island ordinance which prohibits dogs, except those who assist disabled persons, in places where food is being stored, prepared, served or sold to the public. Persons walking their dogs within the market, which includes the space between vendors on SE 32nd Street and 77th Avenue SE, will be asked by officials of the market (MIFM Market Staff, the MIFM Board of Directors and volunteers, etc.) to take their dog outside the market space. Dogs are allowed on the sidewalk outside the vendor stalls. Seeing Eye and Service Animals are allowed on leash. Service Animals need not have identification – only the word from the owner that they are trained as a service animal.

Thank you for your understanding,
Board of Directors, MIFM

City of Mercer Island Animal Code

7.04.110 Unlawful conduct – Owner responsible for violations.

The owner of an animal is responsible for, and may be charged with and held liable for, violations committed by his or her animal. It is unlawful as follows:

B. For any animal to enter any place where food is stored, prepared, served or sold to the public, or any other public building or hall. This section shall not apply to a trained seeing eye dog, any dog which is trained to aid the disabled, to veterinary offices or hospitals, to animal shows, exhibitions or organized dog training classes where at least 24 hours’ advance notice has been given to the animal control authority by such persons requesting to hold such animal shows, exhibitions or dog training classes;

7.04.230 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who violate, or whose animal violates, any provisions of this chapter may be issued a civil infraction, as authorized by Chapter 7.80 RCW. Each separate day of non compliance with this chapter shall be deemed a separate violation of this chapter and subject to a separate notice of civil infraction. The city manager will be authorized to set a fine not to exceed $250 for each violation. A notice of infraction issued under this section shall comply with the requirements of RCW 7.80.070 and represents a determination that a civil infraction has been committed. This determination is final unless the person seeks a contested or mitigated hearing pursuant to RCW 7.80.080.