The Sweeter Things in Life

ann-and-bobbiI’m not sure about you, Islanders, but I definitely have a sweet tooth or two that I love to indulge occasionally. The sweeter and chocolately-er the better! Luckily, the MI Farmers Market has its share of vendors selling the yummiest treats of the sweeter variety. For all things chocolate paired with other delicious ingredients like marshmallow, caramel and pretzels, Island Treats is the one for you. What about pastries, croissants and pie? Snohomish Bakery and High 5 Pie has got you covered. Don’t eat gluten or have a specific allergy? Not to worry! GF Sugar & Spice offers cupcakes, cookies and a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free baked goods so everyone has something they can enjoy.  Something that has become a Sunday staple for me is Seattle Pops. With unique flavors, like Pineapple Jalapeno and Cinnamon Cream (its like a horchata in popsicle form!) there is something for even the most adventurous of foodies. Not only are these treats a perfect pick-me-up on a Sunday, these businesses source much of their ingredients from the farmers that vend at the market as well. So what’s my mantra going to be this Sunday? Treat yourself! And you should too.

larrymurante01Please welcome Larry Murante as our musical guest this Sunday! Murantes beautifully woven stories about every day folks, set to song combine compassionate, socially conscious lyrics and an upbeat, joyful, energetic folk-rock style. With his soaring, mellifluous, tenor, a strong rhythmic guitar style and an engaging stage presence, this is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss! Larry will be playing songs from his past CDs as well as songs from his newest release, Point Of Entry.

childrens-table-october-2010-1The weather is cooler and the leaves are turning yellow, orange and red….what season is it? That’s right, Fall! Celebrate the coming of fall at the Children’s Table with Amazing Squash! As one of fall’s tastiest veggies, squashes come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Pick out your favorite squash and make your own, unique Amazing Squash!


Featured Vendor of the Week: Four Horsemen Brewing


Calling all beer lovers! Have you tried out one of Four Horsemen Brewing‘s brews? If not, you are missing out! As a new vendor for the MI Farmers Market this season, Four Horsemen Brewing is a family-owned business helmed by Dominique Torgerson, her husband Justin and her brother Dane Scarimbolo (Master Brewer). They brew hand crafted beers from 100% locally sourced hops, barely and honey from within Washington state. With a selection ranging from their crisp, Blonde Zombie Lager to the maltier Black Plague Stout, which also holds the honor of 2016’s “Best Washington Malt Beer”, in growlers, mini-growlettes and to-go pints, there is sure to be a beer and size for just about everyone. Just recently opening up their own brewery in Kent, Four Horsemen Brewing are bubbling up to be the next must-taste brewery in the Washington beer scene.

MIFM: How did you get your start in beer brewing? What interested you in it?
Dominique: “We started off as home-brewers. My brother, being the master brewer now was the one who got us all involved in it, and he majored in Viticulture & Enology from WSU, but always wanted to own a brewery. After years of preparation plus 8-10 years of home brewing, we got our business fully licensed and started selling at farmers markets.”

MIFM: What makes your products unique?
Dominique: “Our products are unique because we source all of our ingredients from within the state, as well as using local honey as a fermentable sugar instead of using processed corn sugars to increase ABV(alcohol by volume). We really believe in making a quality product for people to enjoy. We don’t mind paying more for quality ingredients so we can make high quality beer. At our brewery in Kent, we do also make hand-crafted sodas which also use honey instead of processed sugars.
We are very family oriented. The three owners are myself (Dominique), my husband Justin and my brother, Dane. At our brewery location we are family-friendly and dog-friendly as we want to create an open welcoming environment for adults to bring their kids to as well.”


Come down to the MI Farmers Market this Sunday and sample Four Horsemen‘s selection and take a growler home! They will be selling the Blonde Zombie Lager, the Naughty Brewnette (brown ale), the Black Plague Stout (done on CO2 and Nitrogen), and the Pestilence IPA.