July 5th Heat Note

We are expecting higher than average temperatures for the July 5th MIFM, forecast currently is 91 (as of July 3).  Not all vendors will be able to attend given the heat, but we hope you will support the ones who can make it!  We’ll have cold water at the Information Booth for all.

Barbecue Season

Grilling and barbecuing on the 4th of July is an American tradition,american-flag-small kicking off the barbecue season.  During the Republic’s earliest years, Americans held barbecues on the 4th of July not only to celebrate their independence, but to also strengthen their community’s democratic values. At the end of WWII returning servicemen and their families started a migration to the suburbs and all that backyard  space let to the popularization of grilling.  You can celebrate BBQ season by picking up beef, pork or lamb from Olsen Farms  and chicken and duck from Sky Valley Family Farm Finish of the meal with a great salad from one of the MIFM produce vendors, bread from  Snohomish Bakery and pie from  High 5 Pie

Market Tunes:

Joe Ross & Friends  Joe Ross is a performer of many talents playing guitar, harmonica, JR&FCoosBay1bass guitar and drums.  Through the years Joe has played in many bands including the Haggis Brothers, and the Birdwatchers.  Joe brings his almost-solo act, with some surprise friends to the Mercer Island  Farmer’s Market on July 5th. Folk tunes, country and western and pop songs are all in his repertoire.

What’s  New at MIFM:

Melt macaroni & cheese, merging tradition and locally sourced ingredients with creativity to create something both familiar and unexpected.

Seattle Pops  Popsicles and ice cream bars using as many locally sourced and organic ingredients as possible.