Tasty Hydration at the Market

shen zen tea d.ferseOne thing that has become a summer market staple for me are the beverages. Kombucha, tea soda, ginger beer, juices, and smoothies. The MI Farmers Market provides a whole spectrum of drinks sure to satiate every tastebud. Want something clean and refreshing? Try Shen Zen Tea‘s lemongrass kombucha. Prefer a spicier blend with a kick to it? Sample some of Timber City‘s signature ginger beer or one of their rotating seasonal flavors. Want something sweet and with more substance that the kids would love? Check out Juice Harbor and her selection of cold-pressed juices and smoothies Finn boothusing local ingredients. Looking for something harder? The market has got you covered. Peruse our alcoholic section near Bicentennial Park where we feature Stomani Cellars with their wine, Four Horsemen Brewery and Lowercase Brewing with their beers and Finnriver Farm & Cidery with their ciders and brandy wine. Not only will you be supporting local businesses that operate in Seattle and in Washington state, lowercase canmany of our vendors create their unique drinks using the many fruits and vegetables grown by Washington farmers. The cravings hit whenever the sun rays do and I look for the next new and unique beverages that our vendors have concocted. Nothing quenches the thirst quite like a locally brewed, juiced or blended market drink made from our state.

12832312_10153937585765309_7212060689351168995_nWelcome, Ronnda Cadle as our musical guest this Sunday! As a solo guitar instrumentalist, Cadle is known for the melodic hooks she coaxes from her guitar.  With over 20 years experience playing her original compositions before live audiences across the U.S., this musician from Camano Island, WA has developed a devoted fan base. Ronnda’s style fuses heartfelt emotional content with masterful guitar work.

Flowers 2Paint the colors of the market at the Children’s Table! With so many veggies, fruits and flowers, the market can be a cornucopia of colors. What kinds of colors do you spot?


Featured Vendor of the Week: Juice Harbor

DSC02348 (1)

As one of our newest beverage vendors, we talked to Julie Petrocelli of Juice Harbor as our featured vendor of the week. Perfect for a hot summer day, you can find a wide variety of cold pressed juices, smoothies and elixirs (wellness shots), which uses predominantly local and organic ingredients.

MIFM: How did you get your start in juicing? What interested you in it?

Julie: “I’ve loved juice since I was a kid.  I’m also fascinated by the power of good, whole foods to help balance and heal the body.  Time spent working at a juice bar gave me the opportunity to test this power out myself, and I became hooked by the results I saw – With juice, my skin is clearer, my hair and nails are healthy and strong, and when I have a horrible headache, I reach for ginger, turmeric and pineapple first now over ibuprofen because they’re incredibly effective for pain relief!”

MIFM: What makes your products unique?

Julie: “Flavor and Fun.  A lot of juice bars can come across as very clinical or too earthy, and it scares a lot of the people who could use the benefits of juice away. It’s important to me to make products that welcome both adults and kids into the world of delicious fruits and vegetables, and give them something to get excited about when they want to make a healthy choice!”