Summer Veggies

9.6.15 KVG tom (4)Now that summer is in full swing out here in Washington state, our farmers are bringing the first wave of the fruit of their labor (literally!) to the market. But let’s not forget the veggies! We’ve already spotted ears of corn, snap peas, cucumbers, peppers, a variety of summer greens, summer squash, tomatoes and more. Unlike the veggies we find at the supermarket, the veggies our farmers grow offer a greater variety that are usually not conventionally grown and in much more colors! Who knew that you could buy and eat a yellow brandywine tomato or that such a thing existed? Stop by Lyall Farms, Alvarez Farms, Hedlin Farms, Kittatas Valley Greenhouse, True Her Gardens, Moua Gardens and Bao Gardens for their unique and local  variety of greens

Michael BillerWelcome back to the market, Micheal Biller and Friends! Enjoy the pleasant tunes of one of the market’s favorite jazz ensembles as you shop for your farm fresh foods this Sunday. Biller will be playing a selection of jazz standards from the Great American Song Book as well as popular music that is sure to provide the market with an elegant and classic atmosphere.

Judy touching bugsCome discover the sweet smells of summer at the Children’s Table! From flowers and herbs to fruits and veggies, so many things are growing and sprouting in our abundant state. Not only are they a sight to see but a scent to smell as well! Can you tell what each smell is?


Featured Vendor of the Week: Gourmini’s

Gourminis - Proscuitto Ruebini BuffaloBringing a fresh, new concept to the world of food trucks, Gourmini’s brings a more customizable menu using smaller portions of their signature sandwiches and salads all while keeping the foodie’s palate in mind. As a brand-new food truck (started this year!) and as one of our newest prepared food vendors this season, the team at Gourmini’s focuses on “serving the good people of the Pacific Northwest with a healthier option of food truck cuisine” with a gourmet twist.

MIFM: What interested you in creating a healthier alternative to the usual food truck Gourminis - Capreseofferings?

Gourmini’s: “Our interest sparked from seeing the similarity in options that were available at most food trucks. We eat healthy and were tired of having very few options in the market. We want to provide people with an option to eat healthy versus having to pick something they ultimately don’t want to eat but do simply because they are hungry. Our goal is to make healthy food with big flavor and the response has been tremendous.”

MIFM: What makes your food truck unique?

Gourmini’s: “Fresh ingredients and amazing flavor. We brought small bits to a food truck and give the customer the option on how they want to create their own unique meal. Our products are created with love for fresh food that is also good for you.”

Gourminis - Kale and AvocadoOn the menu, find gourmet mini-sandwiches served on Macrina Bakery baguettes and Gourmini’s own housemade spreads along with a rotating menu of fresh, unconventional salads. Gourmini’s allows you to mix and match so you, friends, and family can all satisfy your hunger without limiting options. Order two or more Gourmini’s, pair one or more with a salad, or enjoy a salad on its own! You can find Gourmini’s at the MI Farmers Market this Sunday and throughout the season.